Laboratory Spinning Machine for sale

Laboratory spinning machine 

Addichem develops laboratory and pilot production lines in a modular system for spinning production, non-woven fabric and melt-blown non-woven fabric production. We can provide the following laboratory machines:

1. Laboratory FDY/POY spinning machine;

2. Laboratory POY spinning machine;

3. Laboratory BCF spinning machine;

4. Laboratory meltblown non-woven fabric machine;

5. Laboratory SMS non-woven fabric machine;

6. Filter test machine.

laboratory spinning machine parameters

DTEX (d): 1.5

Winding speed (m/min): 300-1200

One test material (g): ≤200

One test time (m): 10


These laboratory machines are used for the development and production of plastic products, material research and testing series, and pilot tests.

Customers in masterbatch factories, yarn industry, non-woven fabric industry, universities and scientific research institutions usually use our laboratory machines.

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