Pastillator Machine Principle

Molten materials with different properties can be solidified by the Pastillator to uniform hemispheric pastilles. The molten materials with varying viscosities can be handled from 10 to 40000 mPa.s. The feeding temperatures for materials could be up to 300°C.

The pastillator system has an excellent heat conductive stainless-steel belt conveyor. Molten materials are delivered by a pump to a rotary distributor firstly. Molten drops can be distributed continuously on the belt and turns into solid particles during moving. Cooling water is sprayed under the belt. Circulating water is usually collected in tanks and returned to a Chiller system. Same size/3mm-6mm pastilles are shaped from the beginning to end of the conveyor. The final products can be removed and get into packing process

Granulator Classification

Resin Pastillator
Wax Granulator Machine for sale
Wax Pastillator
Sulphur Pastillator

Pastilles have below benefits

1. Safe and hygienic dosage form
2. Simple dosage
3. Easier handling
4. Dust free granules
5. Easy to transport and process.

A simple dosage is more and more important for your customers. Because they prefer to use an automatic feeding system. Uniform hemispheric pastilles would be a good choice for them.

Pastilles have below benefits

All waxes and their blends: Depilatory wax; Candle Wax; Casting Wax; Pattern Wax Petroleum Waxes: Paraffin Wax; Microcrystalline Wax; Slack Wax

Synthetic Waxes: PE Wax; Polyethylene Wax; FT wax/ Fischer Tropsch Wax; Montan wax

Natural Waxes: Carnauba Wax; Beeswax; Candelilla Wax; Palm Wax; Rice Bran Wax; Sugarcane Wax

Resins: C5/C9 resins; Phenolic Resins; Polyester Resins; TGIC Polyester; Epoxy Resins,

Hot Melt Adhesives: Pentaerythritol Ester of Rosin; Terpene Hydrocarbon Resin; Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin.

Sulphur: Sulphur mix with Bentonite; Urea;

Fatty Alcohol: Cetearyl Alcohol;

Rubber Processing Additives: Cobalt Stearate; Zinc Fatty Acid; Antiozonant Wax

Foods: Chocolate,

Aroma Beads:Fine Chemicals; Light Stabilizers; HALS

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